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Atompix Trading Platform
The Complete Trading Solution

Our superior trading technology helps businesses access the financial markets with less time and effort by offering the trading platform as a complete ready-to-use solution, without the need for any additional trading software. Atompix is a modern platform for forex, cryptocurrencies and many other trading assets.
  • Attractive prices
  • Superior trading technology
  • Premium technology
  • Multi-language support
  •  High performance guaranteed
  •  Customer support
  •  Variety of trading tools
  •  Ease of use & installation
  •  Support of multiple trading accounts
atompix multiasset platform

Atompix - Online Trading Platform for Brokers

Atompix is a complete trading solution for online brokerage companies to enter the global financial markets at the click of a button. The trading platform is developed by a group of professionals, with decades of experience developing diverse products and solutions for the financial markets. Concentrated but not limited to the development of trading platforms – this is why we understood and considered each detail during the development of the Atompix trading software.

Our experience allows us to bring a solution that is based on the most contemporary trading technology and to ensure the security and speed of transactions. Atompix allows brokers to keep customers satisfied with the upmost service reliability at the lowest expenses. 

atompix multiasset platform
atompix multi asset trading platform

Innovative Trading Platform - Superior Trading Technology

One of the industry’s most innovative multi-asset trading platforms with one-click execution, easy integration, high-quality performance and quick access to thousands of instruments. All online brokers understand the importance of trading platforms for customers who value speed, convenience and reliability.

Atompix ensures the best trading experience for your clients by utilizing the most contemporary technologies and experience of online brokerage professionals. Atompix offers cutting edge trading technology that will solve the problems of all brokers, enabling fast and secure trading on all kinds of financial markets including forex, CFDs, futures, energies, stocks, and commodities.

Why Atompix

Save time and money
High-quality performance
Over 160,000 active users
Multi-asset trading platform
High-tech trading tools
Fast integration for brokers
24/7 customer service
Active trading support
Multiple operating system support

Atompix is a trading platform and trading solution based on the most contemporary technology. It is created to ensure the safety of transactions, ease of financial market analysis, implementation of diverse trading strategies including, day trading, trend trading and swing trading while allowing access to the most popular assets.

Our trading solution – is a flexible and affordable alternative for all brokerage companies. The simplicity of Atompix will be appreciated by everyone starting from beginners to experienced traders and investors. Currently, Atompix is available in English, French, Italian, Russian and Portuguese, with the aim to introduce new languages in the near future.

Atompix trading platform

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Atompix is a globally recognized multi-asset trading platform, as seen on some of the biggest media platforms in the industry.

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Best B2B Service PROVIDER
Best B2B Service PROVIDER
Best B2B Service PROVIDER
Global, Award-Winning Platform
Atompix is a global, award-winning multi-asset trading platform with over 160,000 active users. The awards we have received over the years is a testament to the dedication we have towards our business relationships and trading platform.

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