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Trading platform features

Atompix is a premium multi-asset platform for trading Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities and Indices. Its extensive trading features allows for one of the most effortless trading experiences.
atompix trading terminal
atompix forex trading platfrm charts
Trading indicators are tools applied to charts in
order to make reading the market more clear.
Atompix has over 100 indicators to help improve
your trading experience, including some of the
leading indicators like Relative Strength Index, Stochastic RSI,
Bollinger Bands and more.
Chart Types
atompix forex trading platfrm charts
Chart types are crucial to technical analysis and
successful trading, they can help you decide when to
enter and exit a position. Atompix provides
some of the most well known and useful charts to
make the best possible trades, including: bars,
candles, hollow candles, heikin ashi,
line, area and baseline.
Drawing Tools
atompix forex trading platfrm charts
Drawing tools are a crucial part of trend
analysis in the market. Atompix provides a
variety of drawing tools to help you make the
best trading decisions, including: geometric shapes, measures,
patterns, prediction & measurement and
much more. All tools can be found on the
left of the chart and can be used by selecting
on the tool of your choice.
atompix forex trading platfrm charts
Get instant information for over 1500
instruments across Forex, Stocks, Commodities,
Indices, Cryptos and Futures.
Order & Position Tracker
atompix forex trading platfrm charts
The order & positions tracker provides
a summary of orders, positions, and accounts.
In this window, you can flatten entire
positions or simply modify pending orders.
Trade History
atompix forex trading platfrm charts
In this tab, view all previous trades or filter your search by date and by symbol by clicking on the ‘filter’ button at the top.
Pending & Immediate trading executions
atompix forex trading platfrm charts
A pending order allows you to set orders that will be
activated once certain conditions are met.
Immediate executions open transactions at the exact
price currently quoted on the market.
Atompix gives you the option to choose between pending
and immediate trading executions.

Technical analysis

Technical Analysis is an essencial part of successful trading. Atompix offers some of the most powerful tools needed for effective technical analysis, including trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures and line drawings.
atompic trading platform features
Atompix trading platform

Multi-language support

The Atompix trading platform is available in English, French, Italian, Russian and Portuguese with the aim to introduce new languages in the near future. Our customer support team speaks your language and is available 24/5 for your assistance.
Atompix trading platform
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